Outdoor Tile Ideas Made Real

Landscape and architectural designs using outdoor tile concepts like outdoor tile ideas are nothing new.  We all know that tiles can be good flooring materials, especially for the outdoors since the day we were born.  They do not only come in different varieties to suit various construction needs whether for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, but also add to the aesthetic value of our property by achieving our desired look. Some outdoor concepts using tiles include various looks such as country, natural, Zen, Mediterranean and contemporary.

With the aid of a multitude of architectural journals, magazines, landscaping and gardening books, do-it-yourself manuals and other inspirational photographs, we can actually make our outdoor ideas a reality.  First, we must identify the components or characteristics of the ambiance we want to achieve.

Country Outdoor Tile Ideas

Otherwise known as the rustic look, the country mood is achieved by using an interesting mix of country colors and materials.  Shades of brown, earth tones for stone flooring and wall tiles would be effective although accents of color may be used.  Decorative mosaic tiles sparingly used as borders or to break the monotony of colors are likewise useful.

Natural Outdoor Tile Ideas

Brightness and simplicity best characterize the natural look.  To achieve this, natural stone tiles, slate tiles, in cream or light neutrals must be used.  It emphasizes our harmony with nature not only by the choice of the kinds of materials we use like wood or stone tiles but also the colors that remind us of nature.  We do not have to stick with shades of green or brown.  However, we must use colorful tiles sparingly in order to avoid a cluttered or chaotic appearance.  After all, there is order in the natural world.

Contemporary Ideas

Contemporary themes are basically minimalist, entailing spaciousness and amplifying daylight which can be achieved using neutral color schemes in the lightest shade.  To solve the problem of having a very small area to work with, using neutral monochromatic flooring can create an illusion of space.

Outdoor Zen

If we are looking for peace of mind then we must choose the Zen outdoor design.  Inspired by Japanese ideas and culture, outdoor Zen is likewise minimalistic and natural, exuding a sense of tranquility and balance.  As such, colors must not be too bright in order to enhance relaxation.  To combine nature and minimalism is to use stone tiles, porcelain tiles or slate tiles for outdoor flooring.  If we really want to achieve the promised effect, however, it would be advisable to incorporate the Asian principle of feng sui with regard to the arrangement of elements.


Outdoor Tile IdeasThe Mediterranean look involves a hint of Spanish culture implying idyllic afternoons and outdoor dinner parties.  It exudes coolness and coziness.  The Mediterranean look makes use of tiles not only for outdoor flooring or patios usually consisting of terracotta tiles, or walls, but also for fountains, which are commonly found in Spanish courtyards as the sound of flowing water provides a soothing effect.  While brick-toned colors are usually used to achieve the Mediterranean effect, hand-painted tiles may also be used especially since Spanish and Mexican culture are fond of colorful patterns.  Tile floors may be combined with brick, gravel and other materials like pebbles and concrete stepping stones for an authentic finish.

These are only some concepts for using outdoor tiles outdoor tile ideas made real and maybe one day we can add our own.